A Silent Voice to be Adapted by Kyoto Animation

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I’m really surprised that no one has posted this news yet, since it blew up the internet yesterday, so I figured I’d make a quick mention.


The previously announced movie adaption of the manga A Silent Voice will be produced by Kyoto Animation (Clannad, Tamako Market, Sound! Euphonium, etc.) and, in a perfect turn of events, will be directed by Naoko Yamada (K-On!, Tamako Love Story, Sound! Euphonium, etc.).

This is very exciting news for many, many reasons, but if you’ve seen Tamako Love Story, you’ll know exactly why Yamada is the perfect director for this project.


A Silent Voice is the story of Shoko, a deaf girl, and Shoya, the boy who bullied her in elementary school. The manga has been completed, and is available for legal reading at Crunchyroll with a premium subscription. It is currently being released by Kodansha USA, and reviews of the first two volumes have been posted on Taykobon (Volume 1 and Volume 2). It’s totally worth your time, trust me.

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