Hibiki's Magic Manga Licensed by Viz

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In a press release from last month that seems to have gone under everyone’s radar, Viz announced that they had licensed and would be releasing the manga Hibiki’s Magic as a digital exclusive title. Volume 1 was released on October 20th.


The series is written by Jun Maeda, who is well known as one of the main writers of Key/Visual Art’s (the man behind Clannad, Angel Beats!, and most recently Charlotte, among many others). It started publishing in 2004, and was originally released by the now defunct Tokyopop. Two volumes were published before Tokyopop went under while the series was on a long hiatus. Just last year the series returned, and there are 4 volumes released in Japan now. Update May 2016: The series has officially concluded as of March 23rd with what I believe is chapter 29.

So far, the series is mostly innocent fluff, only occasionally emotional. Fair warning though: it’s immensely moe, so take that as you will. I mean, I like it, but I get that that’s not everyone’s thing.


Volumes can be purchased here for about $5 each, with volume 2 releasing on November 17th.

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